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Get ready to hit the ground running in this 28-day whirlwind tour of Indonesia’s top sights. We mean that literally, too – you’ll stay active as you hike and explore Berastagi, Sipirok, Tangkahan, Bukit Lawang and more. Recharge with street food crawls and coffee plantation tours, and take the time to observe majestic orangutans. Experiencing it all with a group of like-minded travellers is the best way to get the most out of this dynamic country.

Is this tour for me?

Travel Style: Yolo

Fast, fresh, and fun adventures that never slow down, made for young, budget-minded travellers.

Service Level: Basic

Simple and clean hotels and hostels; affordable public and private transport; lots of optional activities.

Physical Rating: 3 - Average

Some tours may include light hiking, biking, rafting, or kayaking in addition to walking.

Trip Type: Small Group

Small group experience; Max 16, avg 10.

Age requirement: 18-39

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We are your travel companion to unravel the beauty of Caldera Toba, The biggest crater lake on earth. With a great hospitality manner international experience to deal with foreigners, we offer you a family treatment to give you a precious moment in Lake Toba.
Lake Toba beckons, answer the call with us!
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