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An Indonesian-Spanish musical collaboration: Vinculos for Indonesia 2017

Kunjungan Orkestra VINCULOS Spanyol ke Danau Toba Sebuah kelompok musik orchestra Vinculos asal Madrid Spanyol berjumlah sekitar 50 orang akan berkunjung ke Danau Toba mulai tanggal 27 Juli hingga 2 Agustus 2017 mendatang. Kegiatan ini merupakan kegiatan awal dari rangkaian kunjungan Vinculos ke Indonesia, sebelum nantinya berkunjung ke ibukota Jakarta dan kepulauan Seribu. Kegiatan ini merupakan kunjungan pertama mereka di Asia dengan membawa misi pertukaran budaya, sosial dan pendidikan. Vinculos sendiri adalah sebuah inisiatif dari Siero Chamber Orchestra (OCAS) Spanyol…

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Be prepared, Lake Toba!

The Siero Chamber Orchestra (OCAS) from Madrid, constituted by 50 Spanish musicians, wich are part of a project named Vinculos 2017 Indonesia to visit Danau Toba by the end of July 2017. The group will promote the cultural communication and Danau Toba to the world. The orchestra aspires to share experiences, establish cultural exchange and reach an wider audience from different backgrounds. They will come to support this audacious mission, to collaborate with the local people & traditional musicians and…

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Where the beauty of nature meets the majesty of culture

It is our tagline as we tell the world everything about Lake Toba on our trip. Within this year alone, this is our most loved product that’s shown our signature being a travel companion to all our guests. Let’s unravel the 2nd biggest rainforest in the world with us and savor the breath-taking scenery of Lake Toba on this trip… Inilah yang menjadi motto kami ketika menceritakan segala sesuatu tentang Danau Toba kepada orang-orang dari berbagai penjuru dunia dalam trip…

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Bali Beyond Travel Fair

Representing Lake Toba To The World

Toba Odyssey on Bali Beyond Travel Fair 2017 As the 1st tourism destination in the world, Bali has everything to offer to any kind of tourists from all over the world. And it is indeed an honor for us to be assigned as the representative of tourism industry of Lake Toba in Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2017. We are here to tell the world the magical beauty of our beloved lake which erupted 74,000 years ago. It is our…

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Slice of Paradise

Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world and is in North Sumatera, Indonesia. Samosir island within the lake is an island within the island of Sumatera. This place have good landscape and view surround by hills and mountains. With traditional culture of Batak ethnicity, Lake Toba become one of the best tourist destination in Indonesia. Please follow and like us:0

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Huta Ginjang Landscape View

Huta Ginjang at the height of 1600 meters above the sea level is located at Tapanuli Utara Regency. Huta Ginjang is famous for its panoramic view of Lake Toba. This area also famous for paragliding sport, the players would  take off from Hutaginjang and landed at Aritonang village. We also can enjoy viewing Muara, Sibandang island and paddy farmfield from the top. Please follow and like us:0

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Weaver at Hutaraja, Lumban Suhi-suhi

This place is known as the village of weavers. This is the place where you can still find people weaving their textiles traditionally, just in front of their tradionals Batak house. We will have an unique experience to learn different motives of ulos textiles, while the local people are willingly providing the food, also with traditional recipes. Please follow and like us:0

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Songket Weaver, Tarutung

Beside Ulos, Tarutung also famous for a textile called Sadum. You would feels that the techniques of making a sadum textile are important to conserve. The most popular textile woven in Tarutung is Songket. The weavers weave these as the demand and good price. These textiles are combination of beautifulness and traditional arts. Please follow and like us:0

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Huta Batak, Balige

This village described the condition of Batak villages in ancient times. You can find so many different motives that carved at the traditional houses. The “atmosphere” of Batak village will be felt here. Batak Traditional musical instruments accompaniment will “help” you to enjoy the moment.   Please follow and like us:0

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Pusuk Buhit Landscape View

Completely landscape view. Combination of Lake Toba view, mountains and hills, waterfalls, rivers, paddy fields and traditional villages will help you to maximize your adventure. After finished your adventures, you can refresh your mind and your body at Pangururan Hot Springs.   Please follow and like us:0

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We are your travel companion to unravel the beauty of Caldera Toba, The biggest crater lake on earth. With a great hospitality manner international experience to deal with foreigners, we offer you a family treatment to give you a precious moment in Lake Toba.
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